Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

St Mary Magdalene Parish Mother Church


A large ancient temple whose history is essentially undocumented. It was extensively renovated in baroque-style between 1733 and 1765.

In the 20th century, during the violent events in 1936, the Church suffered significant damages due to an arson attack and had to be rebuilt later.

Its reconstruction was carried out in 1939 under the supervision of the Sevillian architect Aurelio Gómez Millán. The intervention did not alter the floor plan nor height of the building, although some modifications were introduced. The master-builder Pedro Benítez worked with the local master builder Juan López in the execution of the works.

The Church is home to the 13th-century image of Our Lady of Valme, and the remains of the flag of Ab-Xataf, the last Moorish king of Seville. There are also other images and paintings of interest, including one of the first Our Lady of Virtues (School of Duque Cornejo), the Divine Shepherdess (Montes de Oca), Saint Mary Magdalene (Alvarez Duarte), the Captive Redeemer (Antonio Illanes), and Saint Peter (Buiza). There are also paintings by Luán de Espinal (Saint Anne), García Ramos (Our Lady of El Rocío), Cabral Bejarano (“Animas”), paintings from the 18th-century Italian School and Sevillian Romantic period (Saint Ferdinand and Our Lady of Valme) and frescos by Braulio Ruiz Sánchez in the Tabernacle Chapel.


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