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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Talhara Shrine


Ruins are all that remain of the 15th-century Mudejar-style shrine at Castilleja de Talhara farmstead. It is still a remarkable building, given its refined proportions, quality of design and workmanship on door and windows. The shrine was built with bricks and rammed earth, and the windows still preserve some ceramic tiles.

The lobulated arch of the main external archivolt, framed with alfiz moulding, makes it one of the most outstanding examples of Sevillian Mudejar style. The windows are of particular interest: the one to the left of the sanctuary preserves the glazed turquoise and manganese tile decoration.

The shrine had a basilica plan, consisting of a nave and two aisles divided into two bays by pointed arches. As the remains of squinches indicate, a square chancel was formerly covered by a sixteen-sided trough vault.

Next to the shrine is the privately owned Hacienda de Castilleja de Talhara, perfectly preserved owing to timely intervention by its current owners.



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