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Torre de Troya


The Troya Tower is located atop a hill east of El Palmar de Troya. It has unobstructed views of Palmar de Troya to the west; Salado Stream and the hill on which Ventosilla Tower is situated to the north, and the Águila Tower to the east.

It has been listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1985. This square tower (about 10 x 10 metres) has two storeys. It is covered with a sail vault with coffers in the corners. Several large walls (3 to 4 meters) can be seen from the entrance. The crown and renovation work can be dated thanks to an inscription on the bell -1792- in the belfry. The battlements appear to have been renovated at the same time. The dome towards the outside has been restored with cement with a criterion poorly focused.  

This defensive watchtower was part of the Banda Morisca defence system, which is thought to be from the 14th century, mainly under King Alfonso XI. It is probably contemporary to other towers such as Aguila and Ventosilla, with which it has visual communication or those of El Bollo or Lopera.


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