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Town Hall


La Rinconada’s Town Hall building is in line with the architectural style in vogue for town halls at the time of the Universal Exhibition held in Seville in 1929. 

The reforms carried out in the capital would soon reach the nearby towns. Within this authentic reform of cities, the upsurge in remodelling and new constructions to house the main governing body of Sevillian towns’ would have great importance. 

The Town Hall of La Rinconada is one of many examples. Built in the wake of the 1929 Universal Exhibition, the building has the architectural features in vogue at the time. Having consolidated the regionalist aesthetic influenced by the “Universal Exhibition”, the architects recovered from the recent past the architectural structures and decorative elements that, in their view, defined the authentic Andalusian aesthetic. In this regard, the division of the town hall’s façade into two levels conforms to these regionalist principles. 

In short, La Rinconada’s Town Hall is considered a clear example of Andalusian regionalist architecture, made fashionable by architects such as Aníbal González or Aurelio Gómez Millán, who in some ways defined and consolidated the current historical structures of our cities. 


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