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Utrera Castle and Keep


The Utrera Castle is located on a natural hill. It consists of curtain walls with defensive towers at the corners and between walls. The core area within dates from before the 14th century. Over time, the walled area expanded to 18 hectares, encompassing the Castle and 38 towers. It had four access gates, Puerta de Sevilla (north), Puerta de Jerez (west), Puerta de San Juan (east) and, the only one that remains, Puerta de la Villa, to the south of the city.

Built by the Council of Seville on the site of an ancient Arab tower, it was first mentioned in 1246 by King Alfonso X, the Wise. In 1368, it was destroyed by the King of Granada, Mohamed V. Following the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, Utrera Castle lost its defensive function and was abandoned. An attempt was made in 1915 to rebuild the Castle. Ultimately, the reconstruction was completed on 30 July 1986.

The fortified compound and the interior are distributed in terraces adapted to the terrain. The keep is located on the highest terrace, next to the gate. Today, it holds a museum about the history of the Castle and towers that dot the so-called “Banda Morisca”. A scale model of 18th century Utrera is on the ground floor, as well as several exhibitions that narrate the Castle’s historical milestones. On the upper level is an exhibition on the renovation works carried out during the 20th century. The parade ground is often used as a venue for film, theatre and music festivals, especially in the summer.

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