Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Central Theatre


The Central Theatre is located next to the banks of the river of Seville: within the site of the 1992 Universal Exhibition, the volume of the theatre rises: a box inside another box.

The miracle box, the room, the black box, 20.50 meters high, turned and inscribed inside another. A clean volume, clad in natural stone, bare, without ornamentation, will stand out among the vegetation at the water's edge.

The stage of the Central Theatre, which is mobile, has a square base of 18 x 18. It is extended by eight metres more towards the back stage and another eight metres on one of the sides. With these measures all kinds of theatrical possibilities are achieved. The fact that the entire hall is 22 metres high allows the scene to be placed in the dimensions it requires and at the point it needs. The audience also varies in position and seating capacity in the different performances, whether Italian-style, Elizabethan-style, arena or concerts.

1100 people


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