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Cortijo El Berrocal Visitor Centre


The visitor centre is located in the Las Navas-Berrocal public forest, a place of outstanding scenic beauty. The area is populated with species typical of the Sevillian forest, including holm and cork oaks, riparian and Mediterranean vegetation, such as lentiscus, rockrose and strawberry trees. Alongside this vegetation are pinewoods and eucalyptus groves. The latter are now subject to forest restoration projects.

Although the area abounds with animal species, the deer population is particularly noteworthy, making this site an attraction during the rut.

Visitors can admire the fossilised trunk of the Viar, found in 2005 on the Los Destajales estate. It is a unique specimen in Spain due to its characteristics and degree of fossilisation. According to experts, there are only five similar specimens in the world. Due to its excellent state of conservation, it provides insight into the flora that existed about 300 million years ago in this area of the Seville’s Sierra Morena.

Also worthy of note is the Way of St James that passes through here from Castilblanco de los Arroyos to Almadén de la Plata.

Visitor/interpretation centre


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