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La Juliana Nature Centre


La Juliana Nature Centre is a peerless natural space in Bollullos de la Mitación, situated in a hundred-year-old pine forest, on the migratory route of birds heading towards Doñana National Park. It offers a wide variety of activities in a natural setting. It has a farm school and vegetable garden, an aviary with raptors, an educational pond and a bee-keeping area, among other resources, as well as a magnificent restaurant with a terrace and free Wi-Fi connection.

La Juliana Nature Centre has family-friendly recreation areas, children’s playgrounds and barbecue areas, as well as the El Bosque Suspendido, the first treetop adventure park in Andalusia. El Bosque Suspendido has three routes that include bridges, platforms and walkways built at a height of between 3 and 8 metres that are suitable for visitors of all ages.

This spectacular pine forest is also the venue for the Adventure and Nature Tourism Fair that takes place in Bollullos de la Mitación every autumn. This event is a benchmark in the province’s tourism business sector. Visitors and tourists can enjoy appealing activities during the weekend fair, many of which are specially designed for children.

La Juliana Nature Centre is a space in which nature, education, leisure and sport come together.

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