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The Nature Observation Park project began in 1997 as a proposal of the El Ronquillo Town Council, for the environmental recovery of the area and as a rural tourism attraction. In 1997, an ambitious project was launched, which today, we see reflected in this beautiful natural park. This project took advantage of the creation of the European Union and the aid from the structural funds granted thereby in order to be co-financed by the European Union and Leader II of the La Plata corridor, with a final investment of 40 million pesetas.

The Nature Observation Park is designed for visitors to observe the different types of fauna and flora to be found in El Ronquillo. This park is located on the outskirts of El Ronquillo, bordering the roads that connect El Ronquillo with the Las Guardas Castle, known as Carrerera de Cantarranas.

In 2013 the municipality of El Ronquillo made various improvements, which were inaugurated on 24 June 2013. Following these improvement works, the park is now an ideal destination for visits by families with children or school trips. It is set in a natural environment with stunning views of the mountains just two minutes from the town centre. It is home to diverse animal species including dromedaries, emus, guanacos, goats, donkeys and various birds. It also has a botanical garden with native and foreign species.

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