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Río Guadalete


Although the River Guadalete, which discharges into the Atlantic Ocean, runs almost entirely through the province of Cadiz, it crosses the southern part of the municipality of Montellano, flowing parallel to the Sierra Greenway. It rises in the north of Sierra de Grazalema and travels 157 km to El Puerto de Santa María in Cadiz. The approximate total area is 710.34 ha. Taking account of the distribution by municipality, El Coronil represents 8.39% of the SCA, equivalent to 29.18 ha.

As it passes through the municipality of Montellano, the River Guadalete is lined with healthy, riparian vegetation, including tamarisk, reed, oleander, bramble, wild rose bushes, rushes and wild olive trees. Some sections of the river also have eucalyptus, while others boast gallery forests with poplars, ashes and willows.

The Vega de los Caballeros, where the famous Battle of Guadalete took place in 711, is located within the municipality of Montellano near this river.

This area of Montellano can be accessed through the Sierra Greenway, which runs parallel to the river as it flows through this district.

Surface area
710.00 Ha


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