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Torre del Águila Reservoir


The Torre del Águila reservoir is located to the southeast of El Palmar de Troya, in an area of small hills, with altitudes between 144 and 51 m, and gentle slopes. It has two main arms; the western branch receives its inflow from the Santiago Stream. The eastern branch is subdivided into two, one of which is fed by the Guadainfantilla and Pilar del Coronil streams, and the other by the Salado de Morón Stream.

Although the reservoir is nestled in an agricultural area, it is surrounded by trees, mainly eucalyptus, and its banks are specked with tamarisk groves and pastureland.

Despite its artificial origin, the reservoir has great landscape value, as it is located in a monotonous area like La Campiña that has been impacted by anthropogenic activities.

Furthermore, due to its proximity to the Doñana, Brazo del Este and Utrera Endorheic wetlands, a large number of waterfowl, including mallard ducks, spoon ducks, coot, pochards and other duck species pass through and winter at Torre del Águila Reservoir. 

Given that this reservoir is navigable, fishing in summer can be unpleasant due to a large number of jet skis and boats.

Surface area
993.00 Ha


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