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Venta de las Navas


The Venta de Las Navas ZEC belongs to the Guadalquivir sub-basin between Retortillo and Huesna. Geologically, it is characterised by the fact that it runs among hills over metamorphic rocks. The area is mainly included in the mountain range landscape category, within the low mountain range sub-category. 

The potential vegetation that is presented is that which corresponds to the EH7 series: meso-thermo-Mediterranean-Ibero-Atlantic silica geoseries.  The first band of the ZEC is dominated by Flueggia tinctoria, followed by oleanders. However, it should be noted that the ZEC is an area of dehesas crossed by the Guadalbacar stream, close to an important bird conservation area.

This area fulfils an essential function of connectivity as an ecological corridor, being a potential area for the development of certain species.

*Site of Community Interest

**Special Conservation Area 

Surface area
612.00 Ha


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