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The Game of Thrones sets


Seville has been a film set on numerous occasions throughout history. Before Game of Thrones, it had already been chosen for the filming of films such as Star Wars. But it was after the fifth season of this mega-production when Seville and its province became protagonists again, bringing to life the most exotic locations of the series. Fans of the series can discover the interesting places where the actors and the filming crew were in and relive some unforgettable moments in these locations following the Game of Thrones route in Seville.

The Royal Alcazar of Seville, the Water Garden in Dorne

The Royal Alcazar of Seville was the location chosen by the Game of Thrones crew to bring to life the Water Garden in Dorne, the place where the Martell family lived.  In this way, one of the oldest palaces in the world, with a Mudejar and medieval character, was transformed into the kingdom of Dorne for a few days.

Walking through the halls of the Royal Alcazar, visitors will feel transported to the interiors of the Water Garden. Many scenes have been located at this wonderful palace. In the Grotto Gallery, above the Mercury Pond, Oberyn Martell’s lover watches together with Doran Martell how Myrcella Lannister walks through the Dance Garden with her fiancé, Trystane Martell.

Another location are the Baths of Doña María Padilla, where the moment when Ellaria Sand incited the Sand Snakes to revolt took place. Crossing the Dance Garden and passing the Fountain of Fame, the Sand Snakes found Jamie Lannister and his mercenary Bronn next to the Carlos V Pavilion and the Lion Pavilion, where a small battle ensued that resulted in the capture of the contestants by the Dornish guard.

Finally, the Hall of Ambassadors was the setting for the scene in which Jaime Lannister met with the Martells to negotiate the return of Myrcella Lannister to King's Landing.

The Seville Atarazanas, the dungeons of the Red Keep in King's Landing

The Atarazanas are located in the Arenal district and were the former shipyards where the galleys were built. It was ordered to be built in 1252 by King Alfonso X. During the month of November 2016, the Atarazanas became the dungeons of the Red Keep in King's Landing. It is there that the dragon skeletons are preserved and it is where Qyburn shows Cersei his great secret weapon, a great crossbow that can pierce a dragon skeleton with ease.

Unfortunately, the Royal Atarazanas are not currently open to the public.

The Amphitheatre of Italica, Dragonpit in King’s Landing

If we leave the province of Seville and go to Santiponce to visit the archaeological site of the ancient Roman city of Italica, we will get to see the setting of Dragonpit, the place were one of the most important scenes of the seventh season of the series takes place. This is where the main characters of the series come together to sign a truce in the fight for the Iron Throne in order to fight together against the White Walkers, a tense meeting between Daenerys, Cersei, Jamie, Tyrion, Jon and other key characters of the series.

For this filming, the Italica site was closed for almost a month in order to prepare the setting for the filming. It was one of the places where the filming secrets could be best kept, although as it usually happens, the filming was not exempt from leaks.

Osuna bullring - Daznak's Pit in Meereen 

The Osuna bullring was the Daznak’s Pit, one of the most spectacular scenes of the series. While attending a gladiators’ fight, Daenerys is ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy, from who she escapes on the back of one of her dragons. The deployment of technical means and personnel involved in the filming of this scene made it one of the most ambitious of the production up to that point. It took 10 days to shoot the scene due to the many special effects and extras that were needed. 

Osuna has Game of Thrones to thank for the upturn in tourism in the town. The town threw itself into the American production, and one bar even named its tapas after characters from the series. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Natalie Emmanuelle (Missandei), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) and Michiel Huissman (Daario Naharys) stayed and filmed there. Day after day, fans of the series thronged at the doors of their hotel hoping to get a photo of the most popular characters in the series.

Several posters with pictures of the scene filmed there were put up in the bullring. On entering the bullring, you can see a commemorative plaque dedicated to the extras who took part in the filming.

Ethnological Museum of Osuna, Game of Thrones Museum 

Such was the bond between the crew and the inhabitants of the town of Osuna that they decided to create a Game of Thrones Museum, located in one of the halls of the Ethnological Museum of the town, the Palace of the Arjona and Cubas Brothers. Here we can see costumes, autographs, many pictures showing the coexistence between the film crew and the local population, weapons, figures, and even a life-size replica of a white walker. 

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