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Centro Cultural del Olivo Basilippo


Virgin olive oil made with arbequina olive trees from the Hacienda Merrha, the microclimate, the soil and the work ethos of Juan Antonio Morillo Ruiz, the producer and master of the oil mill. 

The Olive Tree Cultural Centre “Juan Antonio Morillo Ruiz” in Basilippo is a new tourist, cultural and gastronomic offer in the province of Seville. A family business that focuses on producing high quality extra virgin olive oils with a unique and exclusive personality. This is a commitment to olive oil tourism, which aims to educate the public about one of the greatest treasures of Andalusian culture and the Mediterranean Diet: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Located in the Campiña de Los Alcores, the olive-growing farm preserves the beauty and elegance of this type of 18th century architecture. The centre offers guided tours for individuals, couples, families, companies and groups of all types and sizes. It is an ideal activity for incentive tourism, congresses, excursions and circuits, business tourism, and singles. It has specialised personnel and English, French and Arabic interpreters.

Description of the tour


The visitor will discover in Basilippo the secrets of the processing and tasting of a “signature olive oil”, dispelling false myths and sharing the passion for the culture based on the olive tree and the Mediterranean diet. 

The guided tour offered by this Hacienda is ideally suited for the public with high cultural and gastronomic interest. Rather than More than learning about how industrial olive oil is produced, you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of a signature extra virgin olive oil, where quality is the essential objective, and “contact” with the product is far more genuine. 

The visit takes approximately 90 minutes. The visitor will discover, step-by-step, the factors contributing to the quality of an extra virgin olive oil. 

Furthermore, the Hacienda is “alive”; it is the “soul” of one of the most prestigious and internationally recognised brands in the market, not merely a facility open for tourist visits. 

The visit can be complemented with all kinds of services and activities such as meals, culinary workshops, “Team Building” activities, cocktails with extra virgin… 

The visit must be booked in advance. It is advisable to request the rates, as they vary by group size and language.


It offers the opportunity to enjoy Hacienda Merrha and its Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a simple, fast way when the visitor is short on time to make a full visit. It also offers the possibility of exploring the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, visiting part of the facilities and the olive grove on your own reading the information panels distributed throughout the tour. 

At the end of the tour, the visitor will enjoy a guided tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and learn to recognise an authentic A.O.V.E. and appreciate its nuances and wonderful aromas and flavours.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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