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Seco Goldsmith


The workshop located in the industrial main street in Seville since the 19th century is the greatest example of Sevillian and Spanish goldsmithing that keeps its essence in the 21st century.

Seco Goldsmith offers experts in providing, out of catalogue, customised pieces for their clients and provide, regarding the field of decoration, materials such as brass, bronze, aluminium, alpaca, silver or copper. Among their creations, they show delicate designs and elegant results for the own and particular interior design that can be found nowadays at international level.

The Seco Goldsmith is considered to be the oldest parent workshop in Andalusia. It maintains its international production with a legacy that, after five generations, remains united and in the forefront, carrying out commissions of the highest artistic level. 

In the last year they have carried out goldsmithing works for Tangier (Morocco), Panama and Mallorca, Almeria, Los Palacios, Tomares and Casteldefells (Spain). The exhibition and the work space have become an extraordinary Museum of Goldsmithing that can be visited since last year by organised groups.

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