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Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro


Located in the upper part of the town, we cannot state with certainty its year of construction, as there are no data or records on it. From the church's death records, we can assume that the date of construction was between 1660 and 1670.

The Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro is made up of three naves separated by pillars, the central one being longer than the other two. On the high altar there is a baroque altarpiece from the Church of La Victoria in Estepa, work of the sculptor Buiza, depicting the Patron Saint of the town, Nuestra Señora del Socorro. In the side naves there are chapels containing interesting images such as: Jesus the Nazarene from the Antequera school from the 18th century, Our Lady of Sorrows also from the same period, an image of Saint Joseph and a Reclining Christ also from the 18th century, the most interesting carving being a Crucified Christ from the 16th century.

 Leaving aside the undeniable artistic and historical value of the building, it is worth noting that the church also contains a miniature canvas representing the Shroud of Turin preserved in a polychrome gold casket. This copy is a carmine silk canvas, about 60 cm in length, with the image of a human face similar to that of the Shroud of Turin. There is an inscription that reads: IL VERISSIMO RITRATO DEL SANTISSIMO SUDARIO DE NOSTRO SALVATORE G IESGU CHRISTO. On the left side there is the signature of the author: Gio Batista Fantino, and on the right side there is another inscription reading: With the permission of H.R.H. in Turin.

 This canvas, of which there are very few copies, was sent from Rome as a gift to Father Blas Benjumea, a native of Badolatosa, by the Franciscan monk, Andres de la Barrera, during the pontificate of His Holiness Clement X, in the year 1674.


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