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Cirklas Circus Museum


Through an interactive experience, this centre's content is dedicated to the world of the circus, with an exhibition of educational material that explores its history and different forms of expression. The visit includes innovative shows, where art, dance and theatre merge to interact with the public in a very entertaining way, ideal for families with children. In the workshops, visitors can be initiated in the circus arts of balancing and tightrope walking.

The area is based on a large permanent circus tent, with a capacity for about 150 people, in which its participatory philosophy invites visitors to learn about the circus and its history from the inside, being part of the show itself. Cirklas divides its space into three areas: the museum itself, the workshop activities and the performance area, all of them with a participative approach.

Thus, besides touring the museum and seeing a show, visitors also experience the magic of feeling like circus artists for a day, becoming tightrope walkers through the development of coordination or clowns with the creativity of the makeup workshop, which takes place in the replica of an old wagon, which is part of this innovative museum.

Cirklas has an area where you can see original objects used in the various circus techniques, as well as original costumes and costume reproductions of renowned circus artists, posters and photographs from various periods of the magical ancient art of the circus.

Opening times

Visits by appointment for groups. 



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