Pinares de Doñana

Natural areas

More than three hundred natural sites and nature reserves

More than three hundred natural sites and nature reserves

Nature has been generous with the province of Seville. More than three hundred natural sites and nature reserves, protected parks and landscapes, natural monuments sculpted by the basins of the Guadalquivir and its tributary the Guadiamar, where the impact of centuries of human activity is sometimes evident, creating a special harmony with nature: wetlands that are the only ones of their kind in Europe, countryside, dehesa, forests and gullies; protected ecosystems among which the natural parks of Doñana and Sierra Norte of Seville stand out.

From the marshes of the Guadalquivir, a reserve for birds travelling between Africa and Europe, to the wild and mountainous landscape of the Sierra Norte, with its clear starry skies free of light pollution. Get to know our exceptional geological heritage: fossil deposits, Paleozoic acid rocks and volcanic rocks.

Coniferous forests along with Mediterranean scrub: rockrose, rosemary and heather; marshland vegetation, riverside vegetation, forests of holm oaks, cork oaks, wild olive trees and chestnut trees. Concentrations of thousands of birds: flamingos, ducks, waders, and the largest colony of White Storks in Europe in their natural state nesting in the crowns of wild olive trees; mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, among which the Iberian imperial eagle, the vulture and the Iberian lynx stand out for their importance and rarity.

Follow the pilgrims' route through the green corridor of the Guadiamar and the pine forests of Aznalcázar on foot or on horseback. Go birdwatching in the Dehesa de Abajo and the Cañada de los Pájaros. See the rice fields of Isla Mínima in Isla Mayor and enjoy the local cuisine in La Puebla del Río and Coria del Río.

Take a bike ride in the Sierra Norte or do adventure tourism throughout the province. And don't miss the spectacular sights of our natural monuments created by the action of water: the Huéznar and Cerro del Hierro Waterfalls, the Ribera del Guadaira with the Oromana Park and the Arab mills, the Encina de los Perros (Dogs' Holm oak), the Tajo de Mogarejo, and the Chaparro de la Vega, among many others.

An area of outstanding natural beauty

The most emblematic natural area in Europe

The heart of the province spreads out like an infinite fertile ocean

Wild, mountainous terrain, populated by holm oak groves, cork oak groves and dehesas, where the fighting bull grazes

Biosphere Reserve: wolf and vulture territory

Rugged scenery in the highest area of the province

Discovering the secrets of the history, legends, trades, flora and fauna of the natural environment