Tapa de jamón ibérico

Flavours of the Province

Iberian pig products and cheese. Pata negra


Pata negra

The most emblematic inhabitant of Seville's Sierra Norte is undoubtedly the Iberian pig, a native breed, one of whose different varieties is the pata negra (black leg). The natural park maintains the tradition of the montanera or free-range farming of the Iberian pig, thanks to the natural production of cork oak, holm oak and Portuguese oak acorns, which give the meat its distinctive texture and flavour. Every part of the pig is used and there are countless products to be tried in Seville: sausages (chorizo, black pudding, loin, morcón, salchichón), grilled meats and stews (cheek, presa, pluma, secreto and many other cuts) and the premium product: ham. The mountain air is what gives it its exquisite flavour. The ancestral slaughtering festivals, a place of pilgrimage for our star chefs, are an occasion to get to know the culture of the Iberian pig and to taste the migas ('crumbs': dish made with bread bacon and chorizo), bacon and fresh sausages. Take part in the Tapa Matancera (tapas made with Iberian pig products) Tourist Route in Pruna in January.

Ham combines with everything and is the Spanish tapa par excellence. Discover the Iberian Pig Route of the Sierra Norte and try the specialities of the province in Alanís, Constantina, El Pedroso, San Nicolás del Puerto, etc.

The confluence of the Mediterranean and continental climates is reflected in the province's cuisine, specifically in its exceptional cheeses. In Seville there are unique varieties of cheese made from goat's, cow's and sheep's milk. The production of cheese takes place throughout almost all the Sierra Morena and in some towns of the Vía de la Plata such as Castilblanco de los Arroyos, in Guillena, and in municipalities of the Aljarafe region such as Castilleja del Campo and Espartinas.

Traditionally, Sevillian cheeses are made with goat's milk, although there are producers who combine it with cow's and sheep's milk, resulting in very famous varieties. White cheeses, cured cheeses, natural cheeses or cheeses in olive oil or paprika are also in great demand at a national and international level.

Buy the products of the land in the fairs and local markets. Enjoy them in company at any time of the year.