Cascadas Hueznar Bicicleta

Seville, beautiful and diverse

Original Cruzcampo Beer Factory in Seville: an historical key spot in Seville industrial development, now dedicated to Cruzcampo Foundation’s social purposes.

Cervezas Mond offers guided tours of its facilities. You can enjoy the unique experience of learning about how we brew our craft beer and what are the natural ingredients used, and tour our brewery: brewing, mashing, fermenting and bottling rooms.

Production of beers following traditional methods, using only quality raw materials, thus achieving a 100% natural product, with no filtration, pasteurisation or additives.

Cervezas Albero was born from the Gutiérrez brothers' love for beer. As grandchildren of one of Cruzcampo's oldest workers, they started brewing their own beer in the garage of their house. Starting from first brews, which were full of errors, they visited many breweries and specialise in craft beers.