Cañada Rosal Fiesta de los Huevos Pintados

Seville enchants

Next to Bécquer avenue, there is the roundabout of the same name, the monument of which is undoubtedly the most accurate and most appropriate to decorate a romantic garden such as the Maria Luisa park. 

One of the best kept secrets of the capital of Seville is hidden underground, specifically in the crypt of the Iglesia de la Anunciación (Church of the Annunciation), although it can be accessed through the patio of the University School of Fine Arts, the building next to the temple.

The house that can be currently found does not correspond to the one inhabited by the poet, although its location does. The two-storey façade is divided by a cornice, while the lower part has two openings: the linteled door and a window. Both are framed by a small moulding on corbels.

On the upper part there are two curved ironwork clasps with a garland of flowers.