Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Las Almenas Market Garden


Aguadulce owes much of its fame to the quality of its crops. Its beans are so popular that it would not be surprising to find Jack roaming the fields in search of magic beans for his beanstalk.

The Las Almenas Market Garden is one of Aguadulce's typical market gardens. It is surrounded by a wall with a façade crowned by battlements. Of clear neo-Mudejar style, with a lobed arch door, it is part of the Market Garden Tour. A neo-Mudejar style building appears on one of the main access roads to the town, a black door framed by a horseshoe arch contrasts with the rest of the building, of an immaculate white colour. At the top of the façade there are some tiles with the name of the Giralda Beans brand and an illustration of the tower that gives its name to the brand, famous during the first


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