Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Plaza Pablo Olavide


The Plaza Pablo Olavide is La Luisiana’s main square, in the heart of the town where the Town Hall is located. It has recently been renovated, making it a public meeting place with abundant open spaces.

The square has a radial design with a central element, namely a limestone fountain with a stone pedestal, four waterspouts and Fernandina-style, cast-iron streetlamps with five lamps. 

The square has four parterres each with a large carob tree to provide shade and counterbalance the oak tree on the northeast side of the square. Four rows of orange trees, 24 in total, border the plaza, also providing shade.

The square is paved with a checkerboard-pattern to create a more orderly environment and encourage socialisation. The entire square was designed to enable the organisation of events such as trade fairs.

The urban furniture –streetlamps, litter bins and benches– were installed in line with the radial layout, with the fountain in the centre. This allows for the distribution of the streetlamps providing uniform lighting at night.


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