Seville enchants

Aquopolis is a water park located to the east of the city of Seville, in a natural setting surrounded by pine forests and green areas.

The planetarium of the Museo Casa de la Ciencia de Sevilla, in the heart of the historic and heritage centre of Seville, has a dome-shaped structure that allows the projection of productions on Astronomy and other areas of knowledge. With a diameter of six metres and a capacity for 30 people, it is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Seville Aquarium is located next to the Maria Luisa Park, the Paseo de la Palmera and the Expo 29 pavilions, at the foot of Seville's new Ferris wheel. It has 35 different aquariums containing animals belonging to more than 400 different species. It has an oceanarium with a volume of about two million litres and a depth of almost 9 metre. 

The Grand Andalusian Racetrack, opened in 2002, is a sports project supported by the Junta de Andalucía and the Dos Hermanas Town Council. The racetrack and its ancillary facilities occupy 155 hectares, with a capacity for about 5,000 people. It has two canter tracks: a 2,000-metre perimeter grass track and a 1,800-metre perimeter sand track.

Climbing through the treetops, performing various activities such as aerial runways, suspension bridges, Tibetan bridges, etc. in a natural environment and with all the safety measures, being supervised at all times by a team of specialised monitors.

This is the first treetop adventure park in Andalusia. Since 2004, when it opened to the public, thousands of school children and private individuals enjoy the facilities every season.
It is set in an ancient pine forest that is of great ecological value as it is a stopover place for birds on their way to Doñana and one of the few remaining pine forests of this kind in the area.

The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours, during which you can see more than 1,000 animals of about 140 different species.

At weekends and on public holidays, there are falconry and horse shows. In the summer season it is replaced by a swimming pool.