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Seville on horseback

Spain leads the international ranking of horses by number of inhabitants and, among the Spanish regions, Andalusia is the region with the largest number of horses and has been a benchmark in the world of horses since ancient times. The Andalusian or Pura Raza Española (PRE) (Spanish Purebred) horse is famous throughout the world. Within Andalusia, Seville is the province with the largest number of horses, with a total of 55,276.

In the province of Seville, the horse is an integral part of our traditions and culture, but also of our economy and industry. Since ancient times, the culture of the horse has passed from generation to generation and is very closely linked to the countryside and farm work, riding and local festivities. The horse is present in our artistic, cultural, scenic, natural and ethnographic heritage, and today it is also present in the fields of training, health, active tourism and rural tourism. Equestrian tourism is a great stimulus for the sustainable rural development of Seville.

Seville is a province dotted with a multitude of old cattle ranches surrounded by stone walls and countryside; by bridle paths, cart tracks, mountain ranges, pastureland, meadows and valleys, the most varied natural setting for numerous bridleways that use the traditional public routes, which guarantee the presence of rest areas and watering places.

Throughout the province there are routes signposted and approved by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation for the practice of horseback tourism, endorsed by the use, experience and guarantee of Andalusian equestrian entrepreneurs belonging to the organisation AGETREA.

In Seville you will find all kinds of options related to the world of horses: livestock farms and stud farms to learn about horse breeding and dressage, riding centres and clubs where you can learn to ride and enjoy the excursions and activities, horse rides and routes, saddlery, museums, events and exhibitions, crafts, equestrian therapy, etc. Their presence is an essential part of all the fairs.

Learn to ride and enjoy the thrill of sharing the experience with this beautiful animal. Explore the province of Seville on horseback along the routes and trails. Take part in the processions in a horse-drawn carriage or visit the exhibitions of carriages. Enjoy Seville on the back of this noble animal.