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Territorio Toro in the province of Seville


The province of Seville has been inextricably linked to the world of bullfighting since ancient times. It is part of its culture and idiosyncrasy.

This is because our territory is the cradle of the fighting bull. It was in our fields where the first fighting bulls were created and where the breeding and selection of this unique animal began centuries ago.

With the Territorio Toro product, the Seville Provincial Council aims to show the importance of the fighting bull for the province of Seville, as well as offering the possibility of observing the bull in a privileged environment, in the heart of nature, and discovering the link between this beautiful animal and the history, art and culture of Seville.

If until now the unique experience of contemplating the bull in its natural habitat has been the privilege of only a few, with this initiative we aim to bring aficionados and non-aficionados alike closer to the almighty fighting bull, beyond the bullfighting in the bullrings of our towns and cities.

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