Seville, beautiful and diverse

The town of Gerena is built on a granite massif, an intrusive mass that also emerges in the lands located to the north of the urban area and is part of the great plutonic mass of Castilblanco de los Arroyos.

The Buena Vista Viewpoint is in a prime location with splendid views of the entire city of Osuna and the Sevillian countryside. The stone quarries from which the stone was extracted to build palaces and houses in the historic centre can be seen from here.

These old Roman and medieval quarries are located about 3 kilometres from Estepa towards El Rubio. 

Osuna sits halfway up the slope of a hill, commanding a broad view of the countryside. This hill is an elevation formed of rocky calcareous sandstone that appears as outcrops across the territory. This stone has been used since ancient times by the inhabitants of this area to construct their buildings.

At the top of Cerro Bellido, on the opposite side to the access, are the hollows formed by two large Roman "lapidicinae" stone quarries. Remains of pottery, buildings and metal tools used by the workers have been found there. A very steep slope separates the River Yeguas from the western part of the hill, and it is thought that thick Roman channels were placed across this slope to carry water.