Cañada Rosal Fiesta de los Huevos Pintados

Seville enchants

The Romans left their mark on San Nicolas del Puerto, which can be seen today in the significant remains still to be found, the best known being the 'stone bridge' over the River Galindón.

A small Roman construction that crosses the stream found on the old road that linked Tarifa and Ronda with Seville. It is very close to the A-376 El Coronil-Montellano road, about 6 kilometres from the town centre. 

Aguadulce's Renaissance Stone Bridge connected the regions of Estepa and Osuna.

This five-span bridge over the River Blanco dates back to 1596. It was built to prevent the people of Aguadulce from wading across the river at times of flooding with the inevitable drownings.