Cascadas del Hueznar

Seville enchants

Metallic statue of a farmhand (20th century).

This monument started to take form in 1986. It was completed and erected in its current site in January 1987.

Emilio Rodríguez Oliva is the sculptor of the monument. The central figure of this composition is a walking farmhand, specifically an olive picker, with a Constitution in one hand and a bag in the other.

Cooperativa San Sebastián was founded in 1963 by a group of farmers from Lora del Río who sought to work together to have greater power. From the outset, this agricultural cooperative has been linked with the evolution of agriculture in this region. Initially, they focused on the olive-growing sector, the main crop in the area. However, they soon began to explore new crops, such as maise.

The olive-growing history of Hacienda Guzmán goes back more than six centuries, when Hernando Colón, the son of Christopher Columbus, exported the olive oil produced on this Hacienda to the Americas in the period following the discovery of America.

This oil mill was founded in 1961. There was another private oil mill in the town, as well as several smaller ones in nearby farms. Over time, these mills gradually disappeared due to new technologies and market demands, leaving only the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Oleícola Coripeña. It currently has more than 600 members.