Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Urso Necropolis, commonly known as “Las Cuevas de Osuna”, is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Roman Hispania. It is located to the east of Osuna’s urban centre. The site is home to numerous rock-cut tombs; remains of what must have been an extensive cemetery.

Although the Church was built between 1776 and 1836 on the remains of a building destroyed in 1755 in Lisbon earthquake, there are still decorative and building elements that date back to the Visigothic era and the Arab invasion. 

The Padre Martín Recio Archaeological Museum in Estepa (Seville) is located in what was the Estepa’s prison. The Padre Martín Recio Archaeological Museum houses objects found across the region dating from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages.