Seville, beautiful and diverse

Original Cruzcampo Beer Factory in Seville: an historical key spot in Seville industrial development, now dedicated to Cruzcampo Foundation’s social purposes.

Peñaflor’s flour factory was an industrial benchmark for the town between the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. Not only because of the activity developed, but also because it represents a remarkable legacy that -in historical terms- represents a significant part of the history and the human and professional experiences of that time. 

This 20th century, square brick-chimney is around 5 metres tall. The relevance of this structure lies in its ethnographic value. It is a symbol of the traditional industrial activity developed in the town at that time. It is also an identifiable landmark of its cityscape.    

This building was commissioned to the Sevillian master-builder Ambrosio de Figueroa in the 18th century by the San Juan Bautista Church. According to the books, it was used to store and restore the Church’s furnishings. It was also used as a granary. The building belonged to the parish, as evidence by the Cross of St John on the main gate.

The company has grown over time to meet the demands of the market satisfactorily while incorporating new technology to guarantee its future.

Manufacture and sale of trailers, couplings, carriages and bodywork.

Cervezas Mond offers guided tours of its facilities. You can enjoy the unique experience of learning about how we brew our craft beer and what are the natural ingredients used, and tour our brewery: brewing, mashing, fermenting and bottling rooms.