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Seville enchants

The Metropolitan Green Corridor connects La Corchuela Periurban Park with various municipalities in the Seville Metropolitan Area through two bicycle lanes. This encourages the use of non-motorised transport, without overlooking the significant opportunities for recreational and tourist use, given its landscape quality and cultural and architectural heritage.

The Cornisa de los Alcores crosses the municipalities of Carmona, El Viso del Alcor, Mairena del Alcor and Alcalá de Guadaíra in a northeast-southwest direction. This sloped plateau stands out against the flat countryside of the Guadalquivir Depression in which it is located. It is a relatively low plateau of up to 242 metres with moderately steep slopes.

This Special Conservation Area (SCA) covers some 4,772 ha, mostly in the province of Seville. This site features prominently in the Andalusian Natura 2000 network owing to its special importance for the conservation of riparian habitats, certain fish species included in the Habitats Directive and, in general, the river ecosystem and the connectivity it provides as an ecological corridor.

Different cultures and civilisations settled in this olive-growing estate of artistic interest. It borders to the south with Valle Blanco, next to the Porzuna Stream, and to the north with the San Juan-Palomares road.

The 22-km long River Pudio is a tributary that flows into the right bank of River Guadalquivir. It runs through the western part of the province of Seville, crossing the Aljarafe from north to south. The stream rises in the municipality of Olivares and disappears next to the town of Coria del Río. 

The Juncal is a periurban park located about 2 km from the town.

Its approximately 5 hectares are populated with eucalyptus and other typical Mediterranean shrub species such as rosemary, tamarisk and thyme. An Andalusian regionalist-style arch and several buildings with tile roofs and whitewashed walls stand at the entrance.

The geographical location of the El Gergal Peri-urban Park, located between the lower foothills of the Sierra Morena and the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, has led to the confluence of various interesting natural and cultural attractions in the area, along with a wide range of recreational and leisure activities.