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Seville enchants

Birdwatching is the most popular form of nature tourism. Steppes, mountain ranges, riverbanks and marshes are home to more than 300 different species of birds. The geographical location of the province places it on the most important European migratory route, which adds many species and individuals to those already common in our countryside.

The Poblado de Alfonso XIII is a hamlet that belongs to the municipality of Isla Mayor. Isla Mayor began to be populated in the early 20th century by rice farmers. From the 1940s onwards, immigrants from other parts of Andalusia, Extremadura and the Levante came to make a living from agriculture. In 1994, Isla Mayor was administratively separated from Puebla del Río.

The Zaframagón Interpretation Centre and Ornithological Observatory are located in the former Zaframagón train station. The Centre boasts a Video Surveillance Monitoring System of griffon vulture nesting site. A 360°-rotation, high-sensitivity, digital camera provides real-time images of the griffon vultures flying, feeding their chicks and nesting.

The La Cañada de los Pájaros, the first Concerted Natural Reserve in Andalusia, is located in the Doñana region, albeit not within the Doñana Natural Park’s protected area. La Cañada, which opened to visitors in 1992, is situated in an old gravel pit that was restored and repopulated.

The Laguna del Gosque is an endorheic and seasonal wetland. It is located on flat terrain, in an area of undulating relief and gentle hills, near the Sierra de los Caballos, in the south of the province of Seville.

The Dehesa de Abajo Concerted Nature Reserve is the contact zone between the southernmost area of the Aljarafe region and the Guadalquivir marshlands. The combination of Mediterranean forest and marshland habitat gives rise to an exceptional variety of plant and animal species.

It is a 10-hectare natural environment where more than 50 bird species nest and breed. Hundreds of birds use this lagoon as a stopover along their annual migratory route. Visiting hours (booking required).