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Nordic Walking Route: Alcores Greenway


A very attractive route across a very special landscape, dotted with historical and archaeological sites.

The proposed route is a section of the Alcores Greenway, which runs along the tracing of the famous Tren de los Panaderos (literally, the Baker’s Train) which linked the town of Carmona with Alcalá de Guadaíra and stops in Viso del Alcor, Mairena del Alcor and Gandul. This route starts in the right path that branches off right after crossing the A-92 at Exit 15.

At this point stand the remains of an old railway station and a women’s prison. Shortly afterwards, the way crosses an open field criss-crossed by a large number of trails. The route runs to the left of this field, along the fence of the military facilities located there, until it reaches the first dolmenic funerary remains, dating back from the Bronze Age, that are scattered along the route. A little further on down the road, the route goes around a round mausoleum form the Roman before joining again the Alcores Greenway. From this point, the Alcores Greenway becomes a narrow path practically carved into the albero limestone ground, lined by prickly pear trees and some cork oaks.

When the route reaches the remains of a small farm, or cortijo, there are two options: To reach Mairena de Alcor, going straight on, always in the Alcores Greenway, up to a deviation which branches off to the left; this is the El Chorrillo path, that leads to Mairena de Alcor and stretches over a little over 3 kilometres. To make a circular route back to the starting points, taking the path to the right and crossing an olive grove until reaching the path that runs just along the Salado River. This path ends in the old Gandul road. This route takes the right path up to the town of Gandul; from this path, the town's Palace and the whitewashed shrine of St. John the Evangelist.

This path ends at the old road that goes back to the starting point.

Circular. Starts and ends on the old road to Gandul, at Exit 15 from A-92 with the possibility of extending to to Mairena de Alcor.  There are signals explaining the historical and archaeological resources, although this section of the Alcores Greenway is not properly signalled as such.

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