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Chapel of the Divina Pastora


The Aldea de la Divina Pastora, commonly known as “Los Pajares”, is located about 2 km from Cantillana, towards Villaverde del Río. The Chapel of the Divine Shepherdess stands here.

It is a contemporary Andalusian-style building topped with an artistic bell tower. Construction began in 1956 according to the design of Aurelio Gómez Millán, a Sevillian architect. Worthy of note is the popular “Brick and Tile Festival”, in which the devotees contributed these materials for its construction.

The works were completed on 30 September 1960. It contains an altarpiece with a painting of the Divine Shepherdess by the Sevillian painter Juan Antonio Rodríguez.

On the main façade, there is a ceramic altarpiece of 1.20 x 2 m, a mid-twentieth-century work by Alfonso Chaves Tejada, and manufactured by Ramos Rejano in Seville. 

Opening times

Mass times: Year-round (1 January – 31 December). Holidays: 13:00


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