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Hacienda Santa Ana


The Hacienda de Santa Ana, built on the site of a modest farmhouse, has the typical architecture of the Aljarafe Alto estates in the province of Seville. Located in Fuente Street, this is the most significant architectural and heritage building in Tomares. It is now the Town Hall. It also serves as the hub for Tomares’ social and cultural life.

The house, commissioned by the Count-Duke of Olivares, has the typical layout of an 18th-century hacienda or country estate with two differentiated areas: one for producing olive oil and the other for the main residence and a magnificent garden.

The building was entirely renovated by the Sevillian architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra. The painstaking process created a bridge from new to old in a natural manner, using a modern language in tune with pre-existing spaces. The result is a perfect balance between the contemporary shapes of the new additions and the rustic architecture typical of the large estates in the Aljarafe, creating a building that is unique in the region.

The garden took on a special role in the new design of the Hacienda Santa Ana. Indeed, the large green space has become the foyer of the Town Hall. Its whitewashed perimeter walls have several entrances through which the residents of Tomares can access the Town Hall, passing through a lush garden of Canary Island date palms, cypresses, pines, carob trees and a nettle tree, among others. This garden features the Water Space, a large, partially covered and terraced rectangular pond with several water jets. A platform located next to this unique pond serves as a matchless venue for open-air public events.


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