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Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Convent


Although its official name is Our Lady of Candelaria Convent, it has also been known as San Francisco or Victoria convent. It was founded on 1 February 1555 by Juan Téllez Girón, 4th Count of Ureña.    

The temple and its outbuildings suffered multiple onslaughts during the 20th century due to constant social, political and economic vagaries. The convent is occupied by the “Comunidad del Rebaño de María” since the early 20th century.

The rammed earth building consists of a central nave and two side naves with chapels. The naves are divided into four sections. The central nave has a barrel vault with lunettes and a series of pilasters annexed to the wall on which the transverse arches rest. The semi-dome that covers the transept still preserves plasterwork ornaments with rocaille motifs.    

The entrance, nestled under a semi-circular arch, is lintelled and flanked by Tuscan pilasters that support a curved, split pediment. The pediment gives way to a second level formed by a central niche that used to hold an 18th-century painting of Saint Francis of Paola until a few years ago. 

The tower consists of three levels. The first level consists of semi-circular openings framed by Tuscan pilasters; the second one is the bell tower, and the third is embellished with 18th-century ceramic tiles depicting hunting scenes. The apse on the Epistle side has a chapel of the Confraternity of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene and Our Most Holy Lady of the Tears.


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