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Ruins of the Roman City of Orippo


Orippo was a Roman city with Turdetan origins. It is mentioned in the VII Itinerary of Antoninus (Via Augusta), placing it between Ugia (Torre Alocaz, Utrera) and Hispalis (Seville), on the banks of the ancient Ligustine Lake. It is also mentioned in the Vicarello Goblets. It is located in the municipality of Dos Hermanas (Seville), nestled between the River Guadaira and Carretera de La Isla industrial park.

Orippo means “city of the river branch”, in allusion to the river branch next to which it was located.

The site is now next to the Torre de los Herberos. Pottery kilns, walls, a group of tombs and a well have been found around it. The most important finding was the Orippo's Seated Couple, a stone sculpture in which a couple hold hands in a gesture of love. The archaeological site of Orippo was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1992. (Official State Gazette, ed. 2 June 1992).


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