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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Cerro Macareno


The site is a “tell”, a word of Arab origin that designates an artificial mound formed from the accumulated archaeological remains of one civilisation over another.

The research carried out has established a chronology that dates back to the mid-8th century BC, with a settlement that existed until the beginning of the 1st century BC. This chronology has been determined through the materials found in various excavations carried out at the site. The remains found include Tartessian burnished earthenware, Phoenician pottery with red varnish, pottery painted with typical Iberian stripes, objects traded with the Greeks, and even dark Roman ceramics from Campania. 

Of these, the most abundant were fragments of amphorae used mainly as to transport products such as wheat, oil and wine. This confirmed the commercial importance that Cerro Macareno must have had as a river port since the River Guadalquivir River bordered the hill.

The Archaeological Museum has an exhibition on the evolution of pottery based on the cultural evolution of Cerro Macareno. 

A unanimously approved proposal was presented to the plenary session of the Town Hall on 15 February 2017, requesting the designation of Cerro Macareno as a Site of Cultural Interest.


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