Cañada Rosal Fiesta de los Huevos Pintados

Seville enchants

The last stretch of the River Guadalquivir’s right bank has been dotted with settlements and cities since ancient times because the river provided resources and a communication route that enabled trade and contact between the inhabitants of the territory.

Orippo was a Roman city with Turdetan origins. It is mentioned in the VII Itinerary of Antoninus (Via Augusta), placing it between Ugia (Torre Alocaz, Utrera) and Hispalis (Seville), on the banks of the ancient Ligustine Lake. It is also mentioned in the Vicarello Goblets.

The Museum of Carmona’s Archaeological Complex was opened in 1885. It was one of the first Spanish museums directly linked to an archaeological site: Carmona’s Necropolis.

Major archaeological remains have been found in the area surrounding Alcolea del Río, including the Roman settlements of Arva and Canama, two centres for river trade on the Guadalquivir, particularly pottery production.