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Cordobilla Reservoir


The Cordobilla Natural Park, with an area of 1,460 hectares, is located on the River Genil. It is reached by the road that connects Badolatosa with Puente Genil. It is surrounded by agricultural land, in an area where the predominant crops are olive groves, cereals and some other irrigated crops.

The reservoir is located in an area of soft, open relief and its banks are covered with lush vegetation including reeds and bulrushes. Its banks serve as a refuge for abundant aquatic fauna. Most of the reservoir is shallow, which has allowed vegetation to grow in it, so we can find a tamarisk forest at the mouths of the rivers Anzur, Lucena and Genil.

The reservoir is home to a wide variety of water birds, such as the swamphen, the crane, the stork and the sandpiper. Herons also take advantage of the site to catch fish on the banks of the reservoir.

Natural place
Surface area
1460.00 Ha


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