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Laguna de Zarracatín


The Zarracatín Lagoon, located 2 km south of El Palmar de Troya, is part of the Utrera Endorheic Complex, along with those of Arjona and La Alcaparrosa. 

Zarracatín is the largest lagoon in the complex, and one of Andalusia’s largest saltwater lagoons. It is a very shallow wetland with an irregular morphology and flat bottom, in an area of gentle hills surrounded by dry farming lands. The lagoon is fed mainly by rainfall and inflow from several seasonal streams found throughout its extensive basin. It also receives groundwater input. 

Zarracatín’s perilagoon vegetation is greatly influenced by its high salinity. It consists of halophilic grassland and other plants typical of continental saline habitats, as well as some tamarisk groves and reed beds. 

Owing to its proximity to the Guadalquivir marshes, the Utrera Endorheic Complex is essential for aquatic avifauna as a reproduction, migratory or feeding area. The pink flamenco, which comes here to feed, is one of Zarracatín’s highlights. 

Surface area
71.00 Ha


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