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The Suspended Forest


This is the first treetop adventure park in Andalusia. Since 2004, when it opened to the public, thousands of school children and private individuals enjoy the facilities every season.
It is set in an ancient pine forest that is of great ecological value as it is a stopover place for birds on their way to Doñana and one of the few remaining pine forests of this kind in the area.
One of the things that differentiates it from other adventure parks and similar facilities is that it is specifically designed for schoolchildren and families.

The park carries out its own management and maintenance (it has a leisure facility building, training and material sales company), so it can continuously alter, repair, improve and adapt the facilities.

In the Suspended Forest you can enjoy a tour of the treetops while doing various activities or challenges such as aerial runways, hanging bridges, Tibetan bridges, etc., in a natural environment, with all the necessary safety measures and a team of specialised monitors.
The participants receive a training course to learn how to use the personal protection equipment (harness and anchor ropes) that allows them to move with complete autonomy through the obstacles and challenges located in the trees at different heights.

The monitors are trained to act quickly in the event of any incident. They are professionals trained to work with people of all ages, making fun, after safety, their main objective.


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