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Gerena, a beautiful corner on the Vía de la Plata.

Would you like to enjoy a unique landscape and discover a place teeming with history? If so, you must come to Gerena, a charming town on the Vía de la Plata where remains from different eras coexist. You will discover traces from the past ranging from ruins of a Paleochristian Basilica to an enormous abandoned quarry. The granite quarrying was the economic driver of this town from Roman times until the early 20th century. A trade that has been recognised with the Monumento al Cantero.

This town between La Campiña and Sierra Morena is also an ideal place for hiking or cycling. Take one of the many routes available and discover its natural environment, including, the most beautiful one that runs along the River Guadiamar. 

You will be captivated by the vast fields, with famous haciendas where fighting bulls graze. Gerena has always been a land of bullfighters, the birthplace of famous toreros, such as the Campuzano dynasty.

This town has much more to offer -cuisine, festivals, traditions... 
What are you waiting for to discover Gerena?

Getting to Gerena

If you travel by car from Seville, the quickest route is the SE-30 ring road. Take exit 795 to enter the A-66 and then the A-477 that will take you to your destination.

There are no direct trains to Gerena. If you prefer to travel by bus, take the Sevilla-Camas-Gerena-Aznalcóllar line run by the Metropolitan Transport Consortium from the Plaza de Armas Bus Station.

Getting around

The best way to discover Gerena is to stroll through its streets and visit its monuments. You can also enjoy the hiking, horse riding and cycling trails. 

Reasons to visit

  • Discover the ruins of the Paleochristian Basilica surrounded by a necropolis, the oldest in Andalusia.
  • Be sure to visit the Fuente de los Caños and the remnants of the town wall. You will find Roman remains and other buildings that will amaze you.
  • Make your way up to the Canteras Viewpoint to see the old granite quarry. Learn about the history of this trade at the Museo del Cantero. 
  • Do you enjoy sports activities in nature? Explore the routes available. The best known are the Rompezapatos, Ferrocarril and River Guadiamar.
  • Come in spring and take part in the Feria and Pilgrimage in honour of the Virgen de la Encarnación, Gerena's patron saint. Fun is guaranteed. 
  • Take a tour of Gerena's haciendas and farmsteads. For instance, La Mirandilla is home to a fascinating fighting bull museum, the Cortijo Esparragal has Spanish purebred horses, and Hacienda San Felipe was designed by Aníbal González, the architect of Seville’s Plaza de España.

What to see 

Start your tour at the Town Hall, a beautiful building in the Plaza de la Constitución. Take Calle la Iglesia to the Inmaculada Concepción Parish Church. While you stroll, you can admire the houses, some of which are typical cortijo-style buildings. 

Continue along the same street, and you will come across the Roman wall and the 17th-century Fuente de los Caños. Head towards Calle Tartessos until you reach the San Benito Abad Chapel, currently the headquarters of the Confraternity of the Vera Cruz. Just 10 minutes away, on Calle Federico García Lorca, are the ruins of the Paleochristian Basilica, the oldest in Andalusia.

Your next tour starts at the Monumento al Cantero, in honour of quarry workers. Head north for about 5 minutes until you reach the Museo del Cantero, where you can learn about the history of this trade, the economic driver of Gerena until the mid-20th century. Make your way up to the Cantera Viewpoint and enjoy stunning views of the old granite quarry. 

Last but not least, hike on a trail and visit Gerena's famous haciendas. Some have horse-riding routes or you can simply admire the bulls.

Places to visit

  1. Ruins of the Paleochristian Basilica
  2. Soledad Chapel
  3. San Benito Abad Chapel
  4. Shrine to Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación 
  5. Caños Fountain and Roman ruins
  6. Inmaculada Concepción Church 
  7. Marquis of Albacerrada Palace
  8. Museo del Cantero, Monumento al Cantero
  9. Canteras Viewpoint and old granite quarry (Mina Las Cruces)
  10. Remains of the Roman wall


Gerena is 27 kilometres from Seville in the Vía de la Plata tourist region. Its municipal district borders Seville's La Campiña and Sierra Morena regions. 

La Vía de la Plata
129.90 Km²
94.00 m
No. of inhabitants


Rodolfo 01 Mar, 09:00

Bonita ciudad tendre que ir a visitarlos muy pronto.

TurismoSevilla 01 Mar, 09:00

Gracias Rodolfo por el comentario, te esperamos. Un saludo

Miguel Ángel M… 28 Sep, 12:09

Con Cantuexo Experience empresa de turismo activo local, podras disfrutar visitando el patrimonio de Gerena, Basilica Paleocristia, Museo del Cantero, Canteras de Granito, termas romanas, iglesias y capillas , conociento su historia , leyendas y tradiciones. Tambien realizamos rutas de senderismo por la maravillosa naturaleza que rodea Gerena.Por que lo lo que no se conoce, ni se cuida, ni se respeta. Contacta con nostros en el Tlfn 645156816, gracias.

TurismoSevilla 28 Sep, 12:10

Gracias Miguel Ángel por su comentario

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