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Seville, beautiful and diverse

Declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest. 

The Santiago Festival, which is celebrated on 25 July, the feast day of Spain’s patron saint, has been declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest. It consists of street parties, the “fire bull”, the opening speech, a party in the town square on the eve of the festival, and the procession of the Apostle Santiago on his white horse and Our Lady of Despair dressed up for the occasion.

The square takes its name from an old palm tree located at one end where hundreds of birds roost. It is the oldest square in town and where the local festivals take place.

This event has many years of history in the Sevillian town of Carmona. It is held in the month of September, on the occasion of the Patron Saint Festivities of Virgen de Gracia.

Declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest.

The origin of the Harvest Festival dates back to 1954, when it was established with the aim of publicising the quality of the wines obtained from the vineyards of Villanueva del Ariscal.

The Festival began as a charity event held during the celebrations in honour of the patron saint, Saint Bartholomew. The parish priest, Enrique López Guerrero, sought to raise funds for the parish to cover the needs of the parish church. He proposed the organisation of a flamenco festival to Antonio Mairena, who has just won the III Llave de Oro del Cante Festival.