Cascadas del Hueznar

Seville enchants

The Washington Irving Route follows the footprints of the American romantic writer and diplomat in 1829, fascinated by the richness and the exoticism of the Hispano-Arabic civilisation together with his admiration for the figure of Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America.

In Seville and built under the reign of Philip II, the building of the General Archive of the Indies was conceived by Juan de Herrera to be used as a commodities exchange.

The Columbus monument is located on the Paseo de Catalina de Ribera, a garden path in the Santa Cruz district. The garden has been placed therein since the end of the 19th century, although it was renovated in 1921. The gardens of Murillo can be found to its northwest. They were listed as a Cultural Heritage Site in 2002.

The Columbian Institution, located in Seville, is the modern administrative body that manages the Chapter Library, the Columbian Library, the Seville Cathedral Archive, the Archbishop's Library and the General Archive of the Archbishopric. The Columbian Library is located at the western end of the Patio de los Naranjos in the cathedral of Seville.