Seville enchants

The old Cilla del Cabildo Colegial, today the Parish House of the city, was built in 1773, according to the date engraved on the façade. Built by the architect Antonio Ruiz Florindo, it resembles more a palace than an industrial building, where the grain and fruits paid as a tithe to the church was stored.

Named by experts as "the little cathedral of the Sierra Sur" and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, this is a remarkable building erected between 1506 and 1730 over the ruins of a medieval church. It has three limestone naves with high vaults supported by columns.

The 18th-century temple was built on an old Mudejar temple from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, destroyed by the Lisbon earthquake. The project was completed, among others, by José Álvarez, a neoclassical architect who gave the church its current appearance and style.

The San Pedro Church was built in the 15th century on the site of the original Shrine to the Virgen de la Antigua. Its baroque appearance is due to later modifications. The main altar was lost to a fire on 2 December 1984. Highlights include its wonderful baroque dome.