Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

This museum dedicated to cultural and natural heritage is located on the banks of the River Cala. The audiovisual resources explore the local history and its key location on the Camino de Santiago. The great variety of stuffed animals and the collection of fossils reveal the rich fauna of this historical area, with the griffon vulture standing out for its size in its second room.

The Malpasillo Tourist Center offers the traveller a view of the least known aspects of the River Genil and what this waterway means to the people who depend on its waters. It also shows the importance it had during the romantic banditry of the 19th century, being considered the border between the provinces of Seville and Cordoba.

The Riberas del Guadaíra Theatre-Auditorium is a modern, versatile venue suitable for any type of event, from conventional theatre to operas, musicals, dance, symphonic concerts "and anything else".

This museum is located in the former Hospital de la Caridad, next to the San Sebastián Church. It consists of thematic rooms that illustrate the developments in the baroque-style typical of Fuentes de Andalucía. This new exhibition space is one of the most expressive and unique in Andalusia.

The Zaframagón Interpretation Centre and Ornithological Observatory are located in the former Zaframagón train station. The Centre boasts a Video Surveillance Monitoring System of griffon vulture nesting site. A 360°-rotation, high-sensitivity, digital camera provides real-time images of the griffon vultures flying, feeding their chicks and nesting.

The Lime Museum is located at the heart of the area known as "Las Caleras de la Sierra", in Morón de la Frontera.

The village is registered in the General Catalogue of Andalusian Historical Heritage as an Asset of Cultural Interest, under the heading of Site of Ethnological Interest.

The José María Galván Contemporary Art Museum is housed in an ancient 16th-century public granary, of which the original arcade is preserved.