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Ribera del Cala Interpretation Centre


This museum dedicated to cultural and natural heritage is located on the banks of the River Cala. The audiovisual resources explore the local history and its key location on the Camino de Santiago. The great variety of stuffed animals and the collection of fossils reveal the rich fauna of this historical area, with the griffon vulture standing out for its size in its second room.

Areas of the centre.

The Ribera del Cala Interpretation Centre has several different areas.

Nature. In this area you can observe the numerous different species that live on the banks of the Cala. Explanations of the floral diversity of this environment, including holm oaks, cork oaks and rockroses, are complemented by the display of several stuffed specimens of the fauna of Real de la Jara. In addition, there is an audiovisual presentation to explain more about all this natural heritage.

Culture and heritage. The history of El Real de la Jara covers many centuries, from Roman times to the present day. This long history has left its mark on the cultural and monumental heritage of the town. Different panels, audios and an audiovisual presentation show us that heritage. In addition, El Real de la Jara is crossed by the Camino de Santiago being located on one of the pilgrimage routes to the tomb of the apostle, the Vía de la Plata. The passage of hundreds of pilgrims over the years has given the place a special atmosphere. An audiovisual presentation and several panels show us the Camino de Santiago in all its different aspects.

Ethnographic heritage.  The whole natural, historical and cultural environment is reflected in the economy and traditions of the citizens of El Real de la Jara. In an area of recollection and reflection, the visitor discovers the anthropological and ethnographic heritage of El Real de la Jara.

Media library. We live in a 2.0 world and new technologies are an essential part this interpretation centre. This is an area where you can access extra content about the municipality, the centre and even an entertaining game with which to reinforce the knowledge acquired during the visit to the Ribera del Cala Interpretation Centre.

Audiovisual room. A modern multipurpose room with capacity for over a hundred people, this is the ideal place for conferences, presentations, courses and workshops.


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