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Cycle touring route: Fuentes de Andalucía / Lantejuela


We will start from Calle Bécquer. After about 300m we will reach a roundabout where we take the turning to the right towards Lantejuela along Calle Nuestra Señora del Carmen and, without leaving this street, we will reach Calle Explanada de la Estación, where we will soon have to turn looking for the turning signposted to Lantejuela. We will take the A407. After 9.5 km we will reach a crossroads, where we will have to continue straight on towards Lantejuela, continuing along the A407 until we reach the town. The Laguna del Gobierno, declared a nature reserve, must be highlighted. This lagoon has been fully restored and is home to endangered species such as the mallard duck, the mallard and the pink flamingo, which use the lagoon as a dormitory. In Lantejuela there are also ten endorheic lagoons of ornithological interest.

Asphalt road without hard shoulder, with between 1,000 and 2,000 vehicles per day.

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[{"nombre":"Segment 1","coordenadas":[{"lat":37.467815,"lng":-5.345297}]}]


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